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Cappadocia Balloon Prices and Balloon Tour awaits you for those who want to see Cappadocia, where history and nature blend in perfect harmony, and a bird’s eye view. Cappadocia, which has been home to many civilizations since the first ages of humanity, contains many natural and historical beauties from its churches carved into Fairy Chimneys, monasteries, underground cities, and pigeon houses. Activities such as Cappadocia Balloon Tour, Cappadocia ATV tour, Cappadocia Horse Tour are waiting for you, who are curious, who love excitement, who feel, experience, and adapt to stay in the moment.

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Details and Prices


Details and Prices


Details and Prices

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After traveling in the skies of Cappadocia with a balloon tour with magnificent fairy chimneys and valley views, you can continue to explore the Cappadocia valleys with Horse Tour, Jeep Safari, and ATV tours.

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Cappadocia Balloon Tour Price Guide

Join the visual feast

Cappadocia balloon tour awaits its guests for those who want to see Cappadocia, where history and nature blend in perfect harmony, with a bird’s eye view. Cappadocia, which has been home to many civilizations since the first ages of humanity, contains many natural and historical beauties from its churches carved into fairy chimneys, monasteries, underground cities, and pigeon houses. Activities such as the Cappadocia balloon tour, Cappadocia ATV tour, Cappadocia Horse Tour are just for you for those who are curious, who love excitement, who feel, experience, and adapt to stay in the moment.
Unlike other regions of Cappadocia, the mountain ranges around it make the region an excellent balloon track. This geographical privilege of Cappadocia allows hot air balloons to maneuver comfortably and hundreds of hot air balloons to fly at the same time without colliding with each other. Thus, guests have the chance to discover all the beauties of the Cappadocia balloon tour with all its aspects.

A brand-new exciting wait

What does a Cappadocia hot air balloon consist of?

Hot air balloons consist of three parts: the dome, the basket, and the heating system.

Dome: It is the balloon itself. This part is made of a solid fabric called Nomex so that the air and the gases in the dome will not mix and the balloon will not be affected by the sun and the igniter.

Basket: It is the part where the guests are carried, made of wicker, aluminum, or fiberglass. There are three different basket sizes, 8-12, 16-20, 20-28 people.

Heating system (Igniter): It is the part that allows the balloon to fly. Tour companies use propane fuel to heat the air in hot air balloons, and helium gas in gas balloons.
Enjoying a balloon ride at sunrise

Cappadocia balloon tour hours

There are two flights in the Cappadocia region, in the morning and the afternoon. The first flight is in the morning, about 30 minutes before sunrise and between 11:00 am, and the late flight is between 14:00 and sunset. Thus, the guests can watch the unique colors of sunrise and sunset, and the favored regions of Cappadocia such as fairy chimneys, Uchisar, pigeon houses, Urgup, and Goreme from the sky with all their vitality.

In which season is the Cappadocia balloon tour held?

Cappadocia balloon tour is carried out in all seasons, but according to the suitability of weather conditions. Balloon tour companies carry out tours under the supervision of the Turkish Civil Aviation Authority. If the weather is cloudy, rainy, and the wind speed is more than 11 km / h, companies will not fly. Most visitors generally prefer the spring and autumn months for balloon tours.

Is it dangerous to ride a balloon?

All pilots flying balloons fly with internationally valid licenses that are renewed every 2 years. Balloon tours It is obligatory to comply with the measures determined by the International Civil Aviation Organization. In case of any situation that will violate security, the International Civil Aviation Organization cancels the flight. Tour companies also provide mandatory flight insurance for safety.

Things to consider when going on a Cappadocia balloon tour

First, make sure you have a camera with you. Because this trip you will participate in will drag you into a dream world. You may get tired as you will be standing for approximately 1 hour. That’s why orthopedic shoes will be the right choice. What you see will make you forget yourself, so you may catch a cold. For this reason, I recommend you choose clothes that will keep you comfortable in the heat and wind. By keeping your accessories such as glasses and necklaces in a safe place, you can immerse yourself in the view without any worries in your mind.

Who cannot join the balloon tour?

-Those aged 0-6 years
-Those who have had surgery in the recent past
-Those who are pregnant
-Those who use crutches
-Those with a fear of heights
-Those with a disability
-Those who have a condition that prevents them from standing on their hips or waist cannot participate in the balloon tour.

Note: Children between the ages of 6 and 16 can participate in the balloon tour under parental supervision.

Balloon Tour Program

Many companies make balloon tours in Cappadocia. In addition, tour companies organize separate tours for special events. If you have chosen a morning flight, the tour company will pick you up from your hotel before sunrise and prepare you for the tour with breakfast, snacks, and hot drinks. The departure for the tour is from Goreme. The tour, which will last for 1 hour, offers you all the sights of Cappadocia, such as Urgup, Goreme, Avanos, Guvercinlik, Fairy Chimneys, among the colorful balloons, in the route determined by the wind, and among the merciful arms of the sunlight as if you are a part of the rainbow. In other words, you are making your tour by surrendering to nature’s hands. When the balloon tour is over, champagne is burst before your feet touch the ground, and your experience ends with a festive occasion. This dream world experience takes approximately 3 hours. Then the tour company escorts their guests to their hotels. If the tour is canceled in any case (weather conditions) regardless of you, the companies also refund the fee.

How much are the Cappadocia Balloon Tour prices?

I think the most curious thing is the Cappadocia balloon tour prices. This unique experience is a little salty. But I guarantee that every moment will be a wonderful memory that will make you say that you are glad you did it. Prices vary according to companies, as in many sectors. As a result, it varies between 70-80 Euros in winter and 140-180 Euros in spring and summer.
Enjoy the Balloon Festival

Cappadocia balloon watching hours

Tour companies organize balloon tours in Cappadocia every season. Although it is unforgettable to participate in the tours, it is also extremely enjoyable to see the balloons floating as if they came out of fairy tales as a spectator. From the top of the Lovers Valley and Uçhisar Castle, you can watch the balloons in their most beautiful form, waking up to take their first flight 30 minutes before sunrise.

In which district is the Cappadocia Balloon Tour

Goreme, which we can call the center of Cappadocia, is worth seeing with its many natural and historical beauties such as Fırkatan Church, Guvercinlik, Lovers Valley, Dark Church, Cappadocia Çavuşin Church, Goreme Open Air Museum.

Frikatan Church

It is 1 km from Ortahisar town and 500 meters from Goreme center. Its other name is Aynalı Church.

Love Valley

The other name of the 4900 m long valley is Baglidere Valley. Fairy chimneys are in this region.

Pigeon House

It takes its name from the pigeon nests carved into the rocks.

Dark church

The church, which was built at the end of the 11th century and the beginning of the 12th century, receives light from a small window in the narthex. That is why it is called the black church.

Cappadocia Cavusin Church: It is 2.5 km from Goreme. It was built between 964 and 965 in the name of Emperor Nicephorus Phocas.

Goreme Open Air Museum: History books date the region to A.D. IV. and XIII. He cites it as a rock settlement that was generally used as a monastery for centuries.

How long does the Cappadocia balloon tour take?

The time spent in the air is approximately 1 hour, the entire tour; breakfast, hot treats, together with the entertainment at the end of the tour, lasts for 3 hours.

Cappadocia balloon prices deals

You can get affordable prices by calling tour companies, especially on days close to the end of the season, such as the beginning of spring and the end of autumn. However, it will be an advantage to make a reservation in advance. It would be right to reserve a place for the tour on the day you settle in your hotel in Cappadocia. In this way, you can complete your trip without any problems in case of cancellation. Likewise, you can seize opportunities by following Cappadocia hotels and balloon tour companies.

What to wear while riding a balloon?

Nevsehir is a province where summer and winter nights are cool due to its continental climate. Balloons have a height of between 1400 and 2000 feet. As a result, the weather can be quite cold during balloon tours. Comfortable sneakers that you can stand for a long time, thermal underwear that will keep you warm, and choosing thick clothes will increase your travel comfort.

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Cappadocia Balloon Tour


For all your questions, you can connect to our operator and get free support.

Balloon flights are one of the most demanded activities in the Cappadocia region. Early booking is important for us as we can give you positive feedback.

What a balloon needs in order to fly efficiently is a steady, calm wind. And the times when these winds are best found are sunrise hours. Because in the movement of the balloon with the air, the weather condition plays a very important role in deciding whether to take flight or not. The pilot chooses a suitable place in line with the direction of the wind in the selection of the take-off area. The stagnant air at these times allows our descent to be soft and the coolness to allow us to ascend to the maximum.

As the name suggests, Cappadocia hot air balloons can fly by filling the balloon with hot air. As the air inside the balloon heats up, the balloon rises, allowing cold air to enter the dome of the balloon by the pilot, making the balloon heavier than the air around it. Thanks to this weight, the balloon begins to descend.

Balloon Baskets; It consists of wicker baskets made by weaving together thatch, leaves and shells. The wicker basket is important in terms of both flexibility and lightness. We want to remind you that we are against gravity.

Since it is the wind that determines the direction of the balloon and it does not have a steering wheel, the balloon cannot return to the area from which it took off.
Children’s ages are important for answering yes or no to this question. If your child is between the ages of 0-6 unfortunately, they cannot participate in the flights.

But childrens who is 6 years old can share this advanture with you.

Depending on the flight you buy, standard flights take between 55 and 65 minutes, and deluxe flights take between 75 and 90 minutes.
The balloons are inflated with propane gas in 80-liter stainless steel tubes.

According to the rules set by civil aviation, hot air balloons can reach a maximum height of 800 meters from ground level on weekdays and 1400 meters from ground level at weekends.

It takes less than 15 minutes with our experienced team.

For your and your baby’s health, we do not allow you to fly with a balloon.

We would like to remind you that you participate in this tour during the coolest hours of the morning. For this reason, we recommend that you wear clothes that will keep you warm. In addition, wearing comfortable trousers or jeans while getting on and off the basket will provide you with freedom of movement. Although our pilots land close to the roads, they can sometimes land on the most suitable terrains due to weather conditions, and in such cases, we have to walk you in the field. In order to be prepared for these situations, we recommend that you wear comfortable, flat-soled shoes.
Balloon baskets are not designed to make you travel seated. That’s why you’re standing in the basket. Since the baskets are at chest level, you can both protect you and watch Cappadocia with pleasure.

The only rudder of hot air balloons is the wind. Wherever the wind wants to take us, we accompany it.

If your hot air balloon flights are canceled due to weather conditions, you can get your money back in cash for cash payments and as a refund to your card for credit card payments. If you have a little more time to experience this experience, we can transfer you to the next flight, within the information that will come from you.
From the moment the wind speed reaches 12 kilometers per hour, it does not fly. The authority to make the flight decision belongs to the Slot Service Center under the General Directorate of Civil Aviation. The Slot Service Center publishes the availability of daily flights on the web page.
Every Hot air balloon must undergo technical maintenance after every 100 hours of flight.
Since you will be a part of the airflow from the moment you take off with the balloon, you will not feel turbulence or any air movement. You will have a feeling as smooth as boating in still water. You will be a part of nature from the moment the balloon starts to take off. You will feel as free as a bird soaring in the sky. As the sun slowly rises, you will witness the awakening of nature.
While in the balloon basket, you will not feel like you are on the 16th floor of a building or on the edge of a cliff. Since there will not be a line where you will create the height, an element that triggers your dizziness will not reach. Since you will never feel the wind while flying, there is no sense of movement, and you will have nothing left but to enjoy the flight.
All our guests are insured by us from the moment they are picked up from their hotels for transfer and get on the vehicles, until the end of the flight and when they return to their hotels.
We can say that it takes an average of 3 hours. It takes half an hour for you to be collected from the hotels and brought to the flight areas, an average of one hour for your standard flight, an average of half an hour to celebrate and distribute champagne and certificates for your landing and safely completed flight, and another half hour to provide your transfers to the hotels.
People who have platinum in any part of their body and cannot take a safe stop-landing position cannot fly with a balloon. You cannot fly if you are pregnant or if you suspect that you are pregnant. Apart from this, we are pleased to welcome all our guests from 6 to 90 years old.
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